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RAVPower BOLT 30W/6A 4-Port USB Charging Station Review

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is having to search the house for a charger or an open socket for me to charge my tablet or phone. Being a rather tech heavy home, it is sometimes hard finding a convenient area (or even an open outlet!) to charge our electronics, especially if we want to quickly find them again later. After talking to my husband, we determined that we needed to have an area where we could charge our electronics. While I was looking for a charging station, I was approached by RAVPower, who asked me to review their 4-Port Rapid Charging Station. Once I learned a bit more about it, I was excited for it to arrive in the mail!

RAVPower 4-Port Rapid Charging Station: What is It

Tired of having to spread your electronics around the house to charge them? If so, we think you will love the RAVPower 4-Port Rapid Charging Station. This four part, USB wall charger allows you to quickly charge your favorite devices without taking up quite a bit of space. With its compact size, you can easily fit it on a nightstand, or throw it in a backpack to allow for quick charging on the go. This device works with most USB chargers and works great with Apple products, most Samsung products, and Android devices.

RAVPower BOLT 30W/6A 4-Port USB Charging Station

RAVPower BOLT 30W/6A 4-Port USB Charging Station

RAVPower 4-Port Rapid Charging Station: Overall

After trying out my rapid charging station, I have to say that I am hooked. This little device was able to quickly charge quite a few of our devices. For the review, I tested it by charging my FitBit, iPhone, Kindle, and , all of which charged very quickly and without taking up quite a bit of room. Normally, we have to scatter our devices throughout the house to charge them, and likely unplug other things. With this little charger, we were able to do it in one go and keep all of our electronics in one place. After testing out the RAVPower 4-Port Rapid Charging Station, I am happy to give this USB charger an A+ rating!

RAVPower BOLT 30W/6A 4-Port USB Charging Station

RAVPower BOLT 30W/6A 4-Port USB Charging Station

RAVPower 4-Port Rapid Charging Station: Where to Purchase

Would you like to try this awesome charger yourself? You can purchase the RAVPower 4-Port Rapid Charging Station on for $19.99 with free shipping or the RAVPower website.


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[2-in-1] RAVPower® Duo 7800mAh Portable Charger / LED Camping Lantern review

[2-in-1] RAVPower® Duo 7800mAh Portable Charger / LED Camping Lantern, Perfect for Outdoor Activities and Charging Apple iPad Air, The New iPad , iPad Mini 2, Mini, iPhone 5S, 5C, 4S; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 3, Note 2; Google Nexus 4, 5, 7; HTC Sensation, One X V S, EVO 4G, 8X, Thunderbolt; Nokia Lumia 1020 920 900 N9; and Other Mobile Devices

RAVPower 7800mAh External Battery Charger Pack Power Bank

RAVPower 7800mAh External Battery Charger Pack Power Bank

  • A 7800 mAh high capacity gives you 6 extra hours of juice for your iPhone 5, 15 hours of extra talk time, and 60 extra hours music for most mobile phones.
  • 8 LED lights can act as an outdoor camping or flashlight. It bulbs can last for more than 72 hours without charging other devices in full power. It’s a great safety feature when you find yourself without light.
  • Camouplage Patten, perfect for outdoor. 4 LED Intelligent status led lights indicate the current battery status
  • Input: 5V 1.2A; Output: USB DC 5V 1.2A; Input charging time: 7-8 hours via AC adapter (not included)
  • Package contents: 1 RAVPower 7800mAh External Battery, 1 USB power wire, user manual.

This battery pack is suited for the outdoors type, due to the camouflage finish and hidden lantern light.

Having 7800mAh places it in the upper range of battery packs. There is enough power to charge most cell phones multiple times. I am almost able to get 3 full charges on my Galaxy Note 2.

It is very portable and can be easily attached to a backpack with the supplied locking carabineer. Aside from be a battery charger it can be used as a lantern. If you pull the metal hanging loop on top you convert the charger into a lantern. The lantern works great hanging inside a tent as a night light.

The layout is very nice; on each side near the bottom is input/output and power buttons. Due to the paint scheme, everything blends in, so be sure to look at it more than once. In the hand, it has a nice solid feel, no moving parts when shaken.

To recharge a device, just plug it in. The charger will turn on when power is needed and off when the device is unplugged. The lantern is turned on/off by pressing the power button for two seconds.

Packing a big battery and a lantern makes this a unique combination. The battery is capable of charging any mobile device, while the lantern is bright enough to illuminate any tent.


RAVPower Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad review

RAVPower® Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad for Nexus 5,Nexus 4/7 (USB Embedded With Free AC Adapter);Nokia Lumia 920 ; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note3, Note2; Droid Charge; LG Optimus LTE2, Spectrum; HTC Rezound, Incredible 2, Incredible 4 LTE; Motorola Droid 4 and other Other Qi-Enabled Phones (Orbit White, Single-Position, 5V / 1.5A Input, Powered by AC Adapter or USB Port)

RAVPower Qi wireless charger

RAVPower Qi wireless charger

  • Compatible with any Qi-enabled device or a device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover.
  • Charge your Smartphone without cables, just one more way to eliminate yet another cable from your life!
  • LED light display charging indicator, lets you know the charging status of your mobile.
  • Anti-slip surface, avoid phones sliding.
  • Mirco-USB Embedded Design brings convenience for carrying and makes the device more compact.

If you hate wires or having to keep track of chargers for your devices then you should try out wireless charging. The RAVPower QI enabled wireless charger allows you to wireless charge your QI compatible devices. QI-Compliant devices use cutting edge inductive charging technology to charge devices wirelessly. This technology provides you the ability to charge your device without the need of a power cable. Just one more way to eliminate yet another cable from your life! Compatible with any Qi-enabled device or a device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover. Usage is pretty straightforward: connect power to the charger, place your QI enabled device on the charger and then just wait for it to charge.


Portable Battery Review: Lepow U-Stone Series 12000mAh External Battery Review

The Lepow U-Stone Series 12000mAh External Battery is a portable battery charger with extremely high capacity. It can charge smartphones, most tablets as well as all small gadgets such MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets and more. With a capacity that beats out most portable battery chargers, it’s easy to just take this battery on the road for all your devices.

Lepow External battery charger pack power bank

Lepow External battery charger pack power bank


Lepow doesn’t believe batteries should all come in a square or rectangular block. The U-Stone battery has a shape and surface texture of a water-beaten stone. The Lepow U-Stone comes in Stone Gray and Khaki Brown, both nice colors for the natural look. The surface has soft touch coating and while the shape is curvy, the U-Stone is actually pretty grippy. Surprisingly, the large capacity battery offers only one charging port. Both the USB output port and the micro USB recharging input port live at the top of the “stone” shape that’s cut flat and the Lepow U-Stone comes with a short USB/micro USB charging cable.

The design philosophy extends from the product to package as well with U-Stone. The earthy eggshell like recyclable package matches the nature-loving style of the product, and the red, white and blue elastic band gives the packaging a 60s’ look. An ancient Chinese word for unit measurement on a leather piece encloses the elastic band. The battery weighs 11.6 ounces and measures 6.8 x 3.2 x 1.0 inches.


The Lepow U-Stone Series 12000mAh External Battery has built-in safety features such as over charge protection, over current and short circuit protection. As with many battery chargers on the market, the Lepow U-Stone offers four LED lights that indicate the battery power level, but unlike most batteries, it doesn’t have a button to press to show the power. You can shake the battery slightly to turn on the LED lights. The battery comes with a short recharge cable and takes about 7 hours to fully charge.

With the incredible large capacity, it’s almost a shame that the Lepow U-Stone Series 12000mAh External Battery only offers one charging port. What hurts it even more is that output port has max of 1.8A. We tested many smartphones and tablets with the Lepow U-Stone, and found it handled smartphones with ease but took long time to charge tablets. The battery can charge two smartphones (an LG G Flex and Nokia Lumia Icon) with 25% of its power, the iPhone 5s at least twice with 25% of its power. It can charge the iPad mini twice and almost fill the iPad Air’s battery from empty to full. The only tablet it couldn’t charge was the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 which requires high quality battery and higher output amperage. If you need something to charge that one on the go, try the RAVPower 14000mAh External battery Charger Pack. The Lepow U-Stone Series 12000mAh External Battery doesn’t support fast charging on most devices, and takes about 3-5 hours to charge smartphones and about 6 hours to charge tablets.


If you travel frequently on long trips with your tech gadgets, the Lepow U-Stone Series 12000mAh External Battery can provide ton of juice. The battery is light enough to carry and has a pleasing design in both color options. The incredible beefy capacity is hampered by lower output amperage and by offering only one charging port instead of two or more.

Editor’s Ratings (1-5): 4
What’s Hot: High capacity and cool design.
What’s Not: Output amperage isn’t high, has only one output port.
Price: $52
Web site: Lepow


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Lepow Moonstone 9000 review

Lepow External Battery Charger pack power bank

Lepow External Battery Charger pack power bank

Up for review today we have the Lepow Moonstone 9000, a portable battery backup solution for Android and other smartphones. As the name implies, this guy packs 9000mAh worth of juice in a very cute and convenient form factor.

Measuring nearly 3.5-inches in width and depth, the Moonstone is roughly 1.5-inches in height. It’s small enough to toss into a backpack or purse but with enough juice to get you through a weekend. The model we tested was sapphire blue; it comes with a folding, felt carrying case and flat ribbon micro-USB cable.

Strangely, our review unit came with a handful of other oddball accessories, stickers, and gifts. We’re not sure if this comes with every Moonstone 9000 or if it’s part of our review kit. Nevertheless, none of them were overly useful and the whole lot felt like something you’d get from a claw machine game. If you happen to be so lucky, you can look forward to a rubber cord wrap, plastic headphone wrap, screen cleaning tool, tiny stylus, and other “goodies”.

The Moonstone 9000 offers two USB ports for charging, one being 1.2A and the other a 2.1A. The two ports are marked with lightning bolts with the former having one and the latter having two.

We were able to charge up a Tegra Note 7 from completely dead to roughly 60 percent over two hours. Considering the tablet comes with a 4100mAh battery, this was a little slower than we expected from the 2.1 output. For phones of around 2000mAh-2800mAh, the charging time should be about two hours – give or take.

We like the fact that this portable guy comes with his own carrying pouch and USB cable. While it’s not the fastest of charging cables it’s convenient nonetheless.

The overall feel of the power bank is one of quality if not a little slippery. There’s an indicator button/light to let you know what sort of juice is available. Nothing feels generic or cheaply made here and it’s nice to see how much life is left in the block. The blue is the right shade so as not to feel overly masculine or feminine.

If you’re looking for a convenient, portable power solution, the Lepow Moonstone series is a great place to start. The Moonstone 9000 has a suggested $79 price point – a bit too high if you ask us. In looking around, we noticed Amazon had it for $40, a much more practical price.

You may also enjoy the 3000 and 6000 models, each offering 3000mAh and 6000mAh, respectively. Based on the Moonstone 9000  we’d have no problems recommending the Moonstone 6000 at $20 or so.


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RAVPower Deluxe 14000 mAh External Battery Review

Electronics have become, for better or worse, a way of life for most people. Between cell phones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices, our dependence on electronics has never been greater. With portable electronics comes batteries, and managing battery life between charges, a fact that you iPhone users know especially well.
So today we’re going to talk about keeping your electronic devices powered up in both normal day to day use as well as emergencies, using the RAVPower Deluxe 14000 mAh External Battery.

Specs and Features

Capacity 14000 mAh
Output 5V / 2A and 5V / 1A
Input DC 5V/1A
Weight 10.2 ounces
Size 4.8 x 0.8 x 3.2 inches
RAVPower 14000mAh External Battery Charger power bank

RAVPower 14000mAh External Battery Charger power bank


The RAVPower Deluxe has three 5V ports – two output ports, one of which is 1A and the other 2A, and a 1A input port. The 1A output port is meant to be used on small devices like a smart phone, whereas the 2A output port is for larger devices like a tablet. To recharge the RAVPower Deluxe, you plug the Micro USB connector into the input port, and either plug into a USB port (like on a computer) or connect to a USB wall charger(preferred).

My RAVPower Deluxe came with 2 coiled USB cables and 4 cable plugs shown here. These plugs (Mini USB, Micro USB, Nokia DC 2.0 and Samsung 30 pin) allow you to connect to many different devices.

Tthe RAVPower Deluxe also has an LED flashlight built in for emergencies. Now you aren’t going to want to depend on this small LED flashlight as your sole emergency source of light, but it works well for its size, and is also nice to use when connecting cables in the dark.

The unit is made of plastic, but seems to be fairly scratch resistant and durable for what it is. I wouldn’t go tossing it down a mountain or anything and expecting it to work, but regular use, including bouncing around in a backpack, hasn’t caused any issues so far.

Since it’s a 14,000 mAh Li-ion battery, the device isn’t small. It’s going to be about twice as thick as your smartphone, and roughly the same height and width depending on your phone. Here’s a photo of the RAVPower Deluxe next to my Motorola RAZR HD MAXX.

RAVPower 14000mAh External battery charger power bank

RAVPower 14000mAh External battery charger power bank


According to RAVPower, the Deluxe is compatible with:

  • iPad 4 3 2,iPad Mini, iPhone 5 4S 4,iPod (please use the original 8Pin/30Pin Cable from Apple)
  • 1 x Micro USB Connector:
    • SmartPhones: Samsung/HTC/LG/Motorola/BlackBerry/Nokia/Sony/etc
    • Tablets & eReader: Google Nexus 7/Nexus 10
  • 1 x Samsung 30pin Connector: Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 2,Galaxy Note
  • 1 x Mini USB Connector: some cell phone, MP3, MP4, digital camera, and other with mini USB slot digital devices
  • 1 x Nokia DC 2.0 Connector: Nokia cell phone with DC 2.0 port

I certainly did not test all of these devices, but so far the RAVPower Deluxe has worked with all of the devices I’ve tried, which includes two Motorola smartphones, iPhone 4 and 5 and a Kindle Fire HDX tablet.

RAVPower In Use

I’ve used my RAVPower Deluxe quite a lot of the past few months. My first real experience was using it this year at SHOT Show, where I had a couple different battery backups with me, the largest of which was the RAVPower. Every day at lunch, Dan and I would both plug into the RAVPower Deluxe while we ate to charge our smartphones. We did this three days in a row. Additionally, I used the RAVPower randomly throughout the week, and through all of this use, I didn’t recharge the RAVPower unit. Since SHOT, I’ve used it in the woods, traveling in the car, and I frequently keep it with me as a battery backup should the need arise.

How many times will it charge your device? The answer to that question will depend on many factors, including your device’s battery size and the rate at which the RAVPower is discharged, 1A vs 2A (see Peukert’s Law). Having said that, here are some charging generalizations according to RAVPower: “7-8 charges on your iPhone 5, 4S and 3 charges on your Google Nexus, 86% charges on your iPad 3/4.”

Wrapping Up

Overall I’m very pleased with my RAVPower Deluxe. It has worked flawlessly, charges devices fairly quickly, and has plenty of power for most uses. The only downsides I’ve found so far are the plastic casing (which you should expect at this price point) and the 1A input. Even connected to a wall, at 1A input, it takes several hours to charge the unit.

At the time of writing, you can purchase a RAVPower Deluxe 14000mAh External Battery for around $40, which in my opinion is a pretty good deal. If you’re in the market for a battery backup, or don’t own one yet, take a look at the RAVPower Deluxe.


Sony’s svelte external battery looks like a smartphone

ny's svelte external battery looks like a smartphone

Sony’s svelte external battery looks like a smartphone


When you absolutely need to make sure your main squeeze — your smartphone or tablet, that is — can stay powered when away from a wall outlet, a seemingly never-ending number of external battery options exist.

Few of the chargers, however, look as sleek as the half-inch thick Sony CycleEnergy external batteryannounced today, featuring lithium ion flavors in either 3,500 or 7,000mAh capacities. The slim aluminum frame weighs up to 6.9 ounces and sports a design that probably makes it easy to bundle along with a phone.

As for stats, related documents state that the 3,500mAh (CP-F1L) external battery can provide about a full charge and a half for most smartphones, while the behemoth 7,000mAh (CP-F2L, with two full-size USB ports) offers about three full charges on the go. A related press release notes that the Xperia acro HD smartphone gained a full charge in about two hours from this portable battery, mostly due to the high amperage USB output.

Charging the largest version of this slick battery through an outlet takes seven and a half hours, while the smaller capacity takes around four hours to reach the max (there is an option for USB charging, too, but that takes double the time). Sony plans to introduce this portable charger to Japan on November 14, ranging from 5,000 yen ($64) for the CP-F1L and 7,000 yen ($89) for the CP-F2L. No word yet on U.S. availability.

Featured Review: RAVPower RP-WCN12 Qi Wireless Charging Pack

RAVPower qi wireless charger

RAVPower qi wireless charger


I’ve used some great wireless chargers in the past, and I’ve used some so that are not so hot. The RAVPower RP-WCN12 is different in its form, even though it functions the same as other Qi wireless chargers. It’s shaped like a hockey puck. As a hockey fan, I was immediately drawn to it. But how does it stack up in a world full of Qi wireless chargers?

RAVPower did a fine job with the packaging. When you first slide open the RP-WCN12 box, you noticed that the device itself is nestled in soft foam padding. It’s snug so you know that the unit was safe in transit. Removing the charging puck, we find a manual and a wall adapter. I was pleasantly surprised to find that RAVPower includes a charging adapter. Quite a few companies are failing to include this crucial piece of the puzzle. I guess they assume you have plenty of wall chargers lying around. Something that was noticeably missing was a micro USB charging cable, but we’ll get into that in a little bit.

RAVPower qi wireless charger

RAVPower qi wireless charger

The circular puck itself is small, at only 7cm in diameter. This form factor is perfect for travel or just keeping out of sight until you need it. I have a Qi wireless charging plate from another company that is fine on my nightstand, but it’s a bit big to leave out on the counter or shelf. It’s certainly easier to tuck the RP-WCN12 into a backpack or travel bag when you’re on the go. The micro USB cable that I thought was missing is actually attached to the unit itself. It wraps around the outside of the charger and the USB plug tucks into a slot on the bottom. Again, this makes the charger very easy to store and travel with. The downside to having the charging cable hardwired to the unit is that if the cable goes bad, you’ll have to replace the whole device. This wireless charger seems well built, but we all know how finicky these cables can be sometimes.

As for actual performance, the RP-WCN12 was just as good as any wireless charger I’ve used. The top of the unit has a rubber ring on it, preventing your device from sliding off while charging. Two things I absolutely loved were the sound and light indicators. When you first place your device on the charger, it will beep once the coils are lined up properly. This is a genius way to let you know that your device is properly charging. RAVPower backs this up with a light that glows red when the unit isn’t charging your device, and flashes red and green when it is charging. This flashing light was a bit annoying at night when I was trying to go to sleep, but it’s one of the few times that I’ve used a Qi wireless charger and been absolutely sure that the charging coils were lined up properly. Sometimes there can be a question. I like having that extra piece of mind.

RAVPower qi wireless charger

RAVPower qi wireless charger


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Anker Astro Mini External Battery: a ‘lipstick’ that increases the autonomy of the iPhone, smartphone and iPad Review

In the appointment today with Computer-Solution Product Review , we show an external battery that can recharge our devices, from very small, easy to carry and easy to use. Let’s talk aboutAnker Astro Mini 3000 mAh available in pink ,black blue and silver .

Anker External battery charger power bank pack

Anker External battery charger power bank pack

The Anker Astro Mini has a cylindrical shape and is so small (89 x 23 x 23 mm) to look like a lipstick casing, larger than normal, this explains the title.

He slips easily into your pocket and you can put in your bag (even small ones) without problems because in addition to being small is also lightweight at only 80 grams, it is also tough because the outside is made of aluminum.

Increased capacity implies a higher weight and size, vice versa in this case you have ‘only’ (so to speak) 3000 mAh, or by connecting the iPhone completely discharged, I managed to do a full charge, and remained energy to do another small charge. Or doing daily refills of emergency (increasing by about 10% -20% above the level of the iPhone), I lasted about 1 week.


While charging you can also use the iPhone as you wish and still receive notifications messages email ,Facebook and WhatsApp . In this case, however, would use the energy to recharge in part and in part to use the device, and then increase by less than the percentage of remaining battery on the iPhone.

According to the manufacturer, the battery Samsung 3000 mAh contained in Anker Astro Mini provides 8 extra hours of talk time or 80 hours of audio playback.


The battery Anker Astro Mini is able to provide a current 5 volts at 1 amp (5W), or that ideal to recharge the iPhone and the minimum necessary to recharge the iPad (ie the charge, but more slowly than the wall charger for Apple 12W or 10W), naturally gives the best of himself with smartphone and other phones or devices that can be charged with a USB cable, such as Bluetooth headsets or speakers.


First of all, please refresh Anker Astro Mini, connecting the supplied cable into the micro USB port and the USB end into the computer (into the socket we use for the iPhone or any other USB port can supply charge). Then it will be sufficient portasi behind Anker Astro Mini and the USB cable that you usually use to charge your iPhone and, if necessary connect the iPhone and the battery using this cable and press the only button on Astro Mini.


If there

followed have already heard of the products Anker , which we started to try a long time ago never to separarcene, because they prove very reliable and performing, great value / price. In short, the excellent products and not the so-called ‘cinesate’ low cost are around.

In particular Anker Astro Mini can be the ideal solution for those who might need an emergency charge, but does not want to lug around heavy and bulky products. In my view it can also be a interesting gift for your girlfriend or mom that is perhaps often without battery, just because: light, compact and designed much nicer than the usual batteries and available in 4 colors : pink black blue and silver .


Anker Astro Mini is available from the official dealer of Italian on Amazon at a price of € 22.99 Shipping Includedinstead of € 29.99 . If you are interested in purchasing please click here and select your favorite color.


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RAVPower Wireless Charger Review

Wireless charging still hasn’t become main stream, yet there are number of devices that support Wireless charging mainly through Qi inductive wireless charging. Some of the top phones that support wireless charging are Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia 920 and a few others. Other phones have an option of getting a wireless charging case. Though the phones are less in number, the number of wireless charger options are quite a few and today, we have one among them – RAVPower Wireless Charger.

RAVPower wireless charger


The RAVPower Wireless Charger retails for $35.00 on their official site and is available in Black and white color options. So, is it worth the price? Lets find out.


We unboxed the wireless charger earlier this month. Check out the Ravpower Wireless Charger unboxing.

Box Contents

RAVPower wireless charger

RAVPower wireless charger

  • RAVPower Wireless Charger
  • micro USB cable
  • Charger plug (5V-1500mA)

Design, Build Quality

The RAVPower Wireless Charger is as minimalist as it gets. It is just a rectangular slab like device with a power icon logo at the center on the front side surrounded by the rubbery grip that keeps the phones from sliding off. Underneath the plastic lies the Qi wireless charging material, which is just inductive coil. On the back, we have just customary information about the charger and there are four support points on four corners.


When you place a phone that is capable of wireless charging on the charger platform, you get a small beep indicating that the phone is charging. The LED notification light on the front of the device starts to alternate between orange and red colors.

The time taken to charge the entire device is quite long though and unlike the regular chargers, you will not be able to take the phone in your hand and use it when it is being charged. But of course this is inherent to the technology rather than the product. Good thing is, the charger is able to charge even when you put a case on the phone.

Charging the phone(Google Nexus 4 in this case) with the wireless charger took  nearly 5hours for us, which is similar to other wireless chargers.


Wireless Charging is still in its early stages but you already have choices, for an early adopter. Among them, the RAVPower Wireless charger is a very good choice because of its light weight and easy to use hassle free operation.


  • Hassle Free
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Micro USB option is useful


  • Technology is in its early days

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